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At FCS we recognise that caring for the environment is critical to everything we do.

FCS is committed to the use of best practices that protect the environment and reduce our carbon footprint, without compromising on service delivery and quality.

FCS instils awareness and encourages all employees to strive for protection of the environment in our practices.

FCS understands the importance of caring for the environment while providing sustainable cost effective and quality services.

We are committed to the use of product and service technologies that deliver best practices contributing to environment safeguards, reduced carbon usage without compromising on service delivery.

We combine our training with 30 years of experience to make sure that we are the right cleaning company for you.

Our continual innovation approach includes equipment and products. We target equipment that has increased safety features, reduced water usage, noise reduction and the removal of CO2 emissions. Products that providing quality eco-friendly solutions and reduced chemical usage that ensure your concerns for environmental impacts are minimised.

We consider Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) aspects while deploying industry standards in all that we do.

Site Recycling and Waste Management strategies are tailored to meet your requirements and designed to promote environmental awareness reducing environmental impacts.

FCS delivers on this commitment in areas such as:

Using environmentally friendly cleaning products

Working with the ISO 14001-2004 Environmental Management framework

Use of Risk Assessments and Management Plans to reduce environmental impacts

Maintaining machinery to the best possible standard to ensure maximum energy efficiency, minimal use of water & cleaning products and to control emissions

Trained and supervised employees aware of our culture and policies

Using site appropriate waste, pollution and water use efficiencies

Maintaining, monitoring and reporting programs to continually assess and record environmental performance, and environmental management

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